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The Department of Cultures, Politics and Society offers a wide range of social science programmes addressing specific disciplines in depth - Sociology, Political Science, International Relations, Cultural Anthropology, History, Geography, Linguistics, Economics and Law- and the interconnections among them, in constant dialogue with the research conducted by the Department’s faculty members.

Specifically, the Department currently offers:

Five three-year first cycle degree courses (Italian pages):

Nine second cycle degree courses (Italian pages):

The Department also hosts the Interdepartmental School of Strategic Studies’ three-year first cycle degree course in Strategic and Security Studies.

In postgraduate education, the Department also offers PhD programmes in:

The Department is also involved in the following national PhD programmes administered by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research:

In addition, the Department offers many first and second level master’s degree programmes (Italian page) in topics such as journalism, cultural tourism, data analysis, sustainable development, food networks, and much more.

Moreover, the Department collaborates with CIFIS, the regional interuniversity center for secondary school teacher education (Italian website), in providing the social science courses for the latter’s programs.

For many years, the Department has been committed to guaranteeing the right to university education for prisoners through the Prison Education Center project (Italian website) at a number of correctional institutions in the area (primarily those in Torino and Saluzzo). The Department of Cultures, Politics and Society, which is flanked by other departments in this initiative but has the highest number of students, ensures that inmates can enroll in and attend university programs—for both first cycle and second cycle degrees—thanks to the involvement of many of its faculty members in holding lessons and seminars, acting as thesis advisors and conducting finals. Since 2013, a department faculty member has acted as the Rector’s Delegate for Prison Education.

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