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About the Department

The Department of  Cultures, Politics and Society (CPS) employs sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists, experts in international relations, political theorists and philosophers, geographers, historians and linguists whose studies contribute to in-depth analysis of themes on the border of their disciplines.

As its primary goal, the CPS Department seeks to merge and federate research teams and individuals who study society in its various dimensions: historical, philosophical, political, sociological, anthropological, linguistic and geographical.

The Department offers cutting-edge undergraduate concentration for those interested in the social dimensions of politics, economics, history and anthropology.  Our Department members do research and teaching on important topics of concern in the “real world” (e.g. from politics and economic sociology to social networks, immigration and inequality).

The Department of Cultures, Politics and Society boasts an active research environment consisting of several research groups which work on local, national and international projects.

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